Gym Hair
Gym Hair
Gym Hair
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Gym Hair

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Gym Hair is a natural SWEATY hair cleanser. The first of its kind.
The #1 question is: 'So it's a dry shampoo?'....NO! Dry shampoo goes on DRY hair. Gym Hair goes on WET/SWEATY hair. It's a whole new concept to hair care, and the response has been amazing. But it does take some explaining.
1. Gym Hair is a fine mist spray (not aerosol)
2. There is no residue or byproduct, it dries clean
3. It will not dry your hair faster as I purposely did not include alcohol.
4. The scent is natural, coming from essential oils that also serve as antibacterial agents
5. You section your hair and spray a few times at the scalp/roots. Then use your fingertips to massage throughout your scalp. And Bam! you're done!

No more letting sweat dry into your scalp for days on end. Zap it while it's still sweaty and get a cleansed scalp so you can get on with your day!


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